Junior ML Engineer

Job description

As a Junior Machine Learning (ML) engineer, you are a computer scientist with an analytical mind set, a deep understanding of machine learning and provable hands-on programming experience. You will be part of the Applied A.I. team and you are passionate about machine learning and deep learning. You will work on interesting projects for some of the world's most innovative clients and partners and help them with a wide variety of machine learning problems including natural language processing, classification, optimization, reinforcement learning, predictive maintenance, time series analysis, profiling, image recognition, …


  • You love learning and working in a high growth company.

  • You will build, improve and extend ML models,

  • Your ability to understand and implement state-of-the-art academic research papers will help you to apply novel algorithms to large volumes of real-life customer data.

  • You will help our customers to implement current methods and models. You have a practical mindset and are able to bring these models into a production environment. As such, you have experience with Python or another relevant programming language.

  • Your programming experience will allow you to closely collaborate with back-end developers to improve our models and push them through our release process.

Job requirements

  • You have a master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, engineering, computer linguistics, or related field.

  • You have provable experience in deep learning, machine learning and NLP (e.g. Kaggle competitions or spare-time projects).

  • You have good knowledge of and experience with Python

  • You have a practical mindset and are willing to get your hands dirty. You understand the difference between fundamental research and data driven development.

  • You consider yourself a healthy mix between a machine learning expert, a consultant, a software engineer, a researcher, and a hacker.

  • You are fluent in English.

  • You like interacting with people and meeting customers and can explain hard concepts in easy terms.

  • You can work independently and take matters into your own hands.

  • The ability to quickly learn new technologies and successfully implement them is essential.

Experience with any of the following is considered a plus:

  • Having worked with cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP

  • Working knowledge of TensorFlow and sci-kit learn

  • Fluency or notions of languages other than English and Dutch

  • Thorough understanding of statistical learning techniques